The most popular first-person shooter on Steam, from the monolithic franchise that has dominated multiplayer gameplay for the last 15 years. CS:GO has risen to showcase at massive tournaments around the world, with streams topping over 500,000 viewers. Grab a team of 5, gear up and roll-out, we’re not going on a windy walk here!

Platform: PC

Time: Saturday 13:00-16:00

Prizes: Cash – $50 each for 1st Place Team, $25 each for 2nd Place Team (Total Prize Pool = $375.00)

Tournament Player Cap: 8 teams of 5 (40 players in total)

Game Mode: Defuse

Round Format: 2 teams of 5 per match, MR15 format, Single Team Elimination

Advancement Condition: First team to win 16 rounds in a match will advance

Victory Condition: First team to win 16 rounds in final match will be declared the winner. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd placed teams in the final match

Other Conditions:

  • All participants must have a Steam account active and know the login details before the beginning of the tournament.

Map Pool:

  • de_Cache
  • de_Cobblestone
  • de_Mirage
  • de_Nuke
  • de_Overpass
  • de_Train
  • de_Inferno

Map Choice:

  • Team captains will take turns vetoing maps from the pool until one remains. First to veto chosen by coin flip.

MR15 Format is as follows:

  • Rounds per half – 15
  • Rounds to win – 16
  • Roundtime – 1.75 (1:45 mins)
  • Freezetime – 15 sec
  • Starting money – 800