This page outlines both the terms and conditions of entry, and what participants should in turn expect from StreetGeek LAN Parties (SGLP) and StreetGeek Incorporated (SGI). By attending a StreetGeek event, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. Important items are in bold.  A brief text will follow each, explaining the intent and justification behind each of these.


By participating in any event or competition run by StreetGeek LAN Parties, or entering a venue hosting a StreetGeek LAN parties event or competition during the conduct of said event or competition, you agree to all of the following Terms and Conditions (in bold).

1. Members of Staff reserve the right to exclude you from participating, and / or ban you from future participation in any other events / competitions, and / or exclude you from using other services provided by StreetGeek LAN parties (including social media, forums, etc), subject to conditions at the Member of Staff’s discretion, at any time, without presenting any reason or justification.

We prefer not to use this one. There will ALWAYS be a good reason why we ban / exclude someone, but if it’s come this far then it probably won’t be constructive to argue the point with them. If we feel it is appropriate to do so, we’ll try to present some reason. We issue this as a blanket right, instead of giving a binding list of ‘bannable’ offenses, for a couple of reasons. First, in case someone does something so stupid that we couldn’t think of it ahead of time, we can still take the appropriate action. Second, we don’t want to give trolls and douchebags the opportunity to use our wording to find loopholes. If you’d like some guidance on why we might take this action, read on.

2. We will not tolerate any of the following during a competition: Griefing, Cheating, or Exploits. We will not tolerate Anti-social behaviour towards Members of Staff and other participants, at any time, during or outside of a StreetGeek Event.

Griefing is defined as in-game behaviour which is anti-social in nature, and not in the spirit of the competition. Note that griefing MAY constitute behaviour which is technically permissible within the game and / or encouraged in other communities; We don’t abide by that here. If you are primarily participating to make other people’s experience worse, this probably covers you.

Cheating covers a wide range of activities which give a participant an unfair advantage over others. Methods of cheating include, but are not limited to: using client-side mods / third-party game clients; use of inadvertently / illegitimately obtained developer / admin privileges; Use of third-party scripting tools / addons with hooks into the game, etc. This is not an authoritative list, and there’s sometimes a fine line between a legitimate graphics mod and one which is ‘cheating’. If you have any atypical mods or clients that you’re using for the game which you’re unsure of, ask a Member of Staff. But always remember Rule #1.

Exploits are defined as in-game behaviours to exploit known bugs / imbalances, resulting in an unfair advantage over those playing in the legitimate spirit of the game. This one is tough to define; for some competitions, we’ll produce a list of known exploits that are disallowed. If we see any behaviour which we think may be considered exploitative, we’ll usually ask you to stop first before enacting Rule #1.

Anti-Social Behaviour covers a wide range of real-world behaviours that present an actual or perceived risk to others, the LAN experience of others (within reasonable bounds), or the operation of our events. Anti-social behaviour includes, but is not limited to: Issuing remarks or deliberately exposing others to content which is threatening, defamatory, offensive and/or discriminatory; Deliberately making excessive noise; Harassment / Bullying; Damage or theft of property or equipment, belonging to other participants / Members of Staff / StreetGeek; etc. If you see any of this, or anything else that fits the description given of Anti-Social Behaviour, let us know; we have Rule #1.

3. Follow all reasonable instructions given by a Member of Staff.

We’re trying to run a LAN event; sometimes the management of people can be complicated, so we need to enforce this. We pride ourselves on giving fairly clear instruction with regards to marshaling and competition arrangements; please follow them. If it’s important, we’ll usually say it several times. If you don’t listen, it will probably delay the competition; then everyone has a bad time. This condition also applies to situations outlined in Rule #2 and Rule #4.

4. Members of Staff reserve the right to change the rules / nature of a competition, at any time, without prior notice.

Again, not something we like to do often; but things happen, and we need the flexibility to resort to a contingency. StreetGeek will NEVER misrepresent it’s sponsorship / prize pool. We will NEVER alter competition rules to give some players an unfair advantage over the majority. We would only make alterations to major competitions for a very good reason. Sometimes a competition will be cancelled / altered due to lack of participation. Sometimes we find that our initial plan or schedule inadvertently contains factual errors or omissions that misrepresent the competition. This rule means that we have the flexibility to run things in a workable manner, if things go south on us.

5. If a Member of Staff instructs you to leave a venue in which a StreetGeek Event or Competition is being held, or that you are not permitted to enter said venue, and you do not make a reasonable effort to comply, the following actions may be taken by any Member of Staff.

  • We may contact security, if security personnel are dedicated to an event.
  • We may give your details to other organisations or individuals, where you present a real or perceived threat to them.
  • We may contact the police and request their assistance with removing you from the venue/event.

Members of Staff reserve the right to issue said instruction and take the above action at any time, without presenting reason or justification.

People have been banned from StreetGeek events in the past, but we’ve yet to have an incident that has required us to do the above. See Rule #1; this particular course of action will ONLY be taken for extreme and / or consistent anti-social behaviour (See Rule #2).


THESE DO NOT CONSTITUTE A BINDING CONTRACT OF SERVICE. However, by participating in any competition run by StreetGeek LAN Parties, at their events or otherwise, you may reasonably expect all of the following (in bold).

1. Members of Staff are ineligible for prizes.

This extends to competitions, door prizes, raffle prizes, etc. This has been something of a grey area for some time, but this is our current policy. Note that we still maintain the right to participate in tournaments (Staff Members are gamers too!) but never in a capacity that might reasonably influence the outcome of a major competition. If a Member of Staff is participating, their position on the leaderboard will be skipped and deferred to the next non-Member of Staff participant on the leaderboard for the purpose of recording points and placings. If you believe this has been breached, see Expectation #2.

2. Members of Staff will take all reasonable effort to answer any reasonable questions and concerns, manage competition disputes, and accept constructive criticism and suggestions.

StreetGeek is a community; Members of Staff have a duty to foster that community, as well as be a part of it. Members of Staff are, by and large, approachable people; If this isn’t the case, then enact Expectation #2 with a different Member of Staff. Keep in mind that we are still responsible for enforcing the Rules, Terms and Conditions of Participation; See Rule #2 and Rule #1.

3. Members of Staff will take all reasonable effort to run competitions as described prior in officially SGLP-sponsored advertisements, social media, and forum posts.

StreetGeek is committed to delivering the experience that we promise. Note that, occasionally, this will not be possible; see Rule #4.

4. SGLP and SGI will NEVER make deliberately misleading statements about our event attendance, event prize pool, or sponsorship arrangements.

Members of Staff are committed to maintaining the integrity of our organisation, and would never make misleading statements which damage this integrity. While we take all reasonable effort to check our public statements, there may be minor occasional omissions or errors, and sponsorship arrangements can change; but this will never be done deliberately, and never in a manner which is obviously misleading. If you believe this has been breached, see Expectation #2.

5. Members of Staff will make all reasonable effort to provide an environment that is safe, free from discrimination, and appropriate for minors.

SGLP run community events that bring people of common interest together, and we want gamers of all backgrounds to be comfortable in doing so. Remember, if it’s Not Safe for Work, it’s Not Safe For LAN (NSFW = NSFL). Streetgeek events are drug and alcohol free. Note that some of the games we play are MA or MA15+; we provide incentives for parents and guardians to remain for the duration of the event, and where there is a higher than average risk of underage viewing of this content, we will take additional measures on a per-event basis.

6. Members of Staff will NEVER abuse the rights and privileges extended to them (by the Rules, Terms, and Conditions of Entry or Participation) for personal gain.

Members of Staff have been given a fair amount of authority (by the terms and conditions) over participants; this must be used responsibly, and put in the proper context. The Terms and Conditions have been formulated to enable us to most effectively deliver on our Expectations of Service. However, while we are committed to developing a community, our core business and effort is in running events and competitions (we aren’t trying to build a Utopian society), hence the need to maintain the authority to manage our events. Remember that any Member of Staff, or someone appearing to act as a Member of Staff, should act within the context of the expectations of service; particularly when exercising authority.