StarCraft 2 1v1

Are you able to stop a Zerg Rush? Get ready to build more pylons as we battle it out to determine galactic domination. Command Ghosts, Zealots and Hydralisks in a 1v1 battle and annihilate your opponents. Protoss, Terran or Zerg; You Decide!

Platform: PC

Time: Saturday, 20:00 – 00:00
Prizes: Cash – $30 for 1st place, $15 for 2nd place
Player Cap: 16
Format: Single Elimination Bracket. If there are three or less participants, Round-Robin will be used.

Single Elimination: Best of three games for preliminary matches, Best of 5 games for the final.

Round Robin: Best of three games


  • Abyssal Reef LE (Made by SidianTheBard)
  • Ascension to Aiur LE (Made by SidianTheBard)
  • Battle on the Boardwalk LE (Made by SidianTheBard)
  • Blackpink LE (Made by AVEX)
  • Catalyst LE (Made by NegativeZero)
  • Neon Violet Square LE (Made by RQM)
  • Odyssey LE (Made by AVEX)

Map Selection:

  • Players will take turns vetoing maps until there are only [games] maps left.
  • The player who vetoed second will choose the first map, with the loser of each game choosing the next map from the remaining pool.
  • Maps can only be chosen once per match.
  • The first player to veto will be chosen by coin flip.

Region: Americas
Advancement Condition: The winner of each match will be determined by elimination, in the event neither player in a match is eliminated, the winner will be determined by score.
Victory Condition: The winner of the Final match will be the winner of the tournament. The other player in the final match will place Second for the Tournament.
Other Conditions: While the game is free to play,

  • Each participant must have a copy of the game preinstalled and ready to run.
  • Each participant must have their own account and know the login details.
  • Region is set to Americas